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Designer by heart, Entrepreneur by passion and dreamer by default. Karlyle drives the creative strategy at Under One Roof, a digital studio that he is co-founder at. Over the last two decades of professional practice, he has established and nurtured relationships with business and clients across the globe covering industries such as hospitality, medicine, corporate, real estate, creative professionals, fashion & beauty. While guiding his team on everything design – his focus area is brand strategy development. He is also well versed in creating and promoting digital platforms for businesses – which he places under the heading of creative marketing consultation. Karlyle transforms business strategies into vibrant marketing masterpieces that drive success and sales for brands.

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I am a BA (Hons), Graphic Design graduate of The University of Huddersfield, UK, having earlier studied Applied Art from Cambrian College (majoring in Digital Design), Ontario, Canada.

Past professional experience includes positions of Asst. Manager, Graphic Design at Deloitte Consulting, & Monitor Group, Sr. Graphic Designer for a sub-division of Walmart & Target stores and Partner in independent graphic & digital design firms over the last 12 years. Design experience covers a host of industries like travel & hospitality, fashion & beauty, lifestyle, real estate, finance, consulting, events and entertainment.

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Vibrant marketing masterpieces that drive success and sales for brands.